Laser Prostate Surgery (HoLEP, ThuFLEP)

Prostate enucleation surgery is the removal of the inner tissue of the prostate by "closed surgery" by stripping it from the shell of the prostate. Today...

Rezum (Water vapor therapy for the prostate)

Complaints due to benign prostatic enlargement are associated with "frequent urination, difficulty in urination, inability to empty completely".

Robotic MR Fusion Prostate Biopsy

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men today. Early diagnosis ...

Shelase Laser Therapy

Developing laser technologies offer very special application opportunities for our female patients, as in every field. This technology...

Our Team

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Urology Specialist 
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Why U.S ?

We are constantly improving ourselves to provide quality service...

Patient Satisfaction

We are in constant communication with all our patients and we are with you for all possible situations.

Sertifikalı Cihazlar

As Urohealth Clinic, we use only licensed, certified and superior quality devices.

Expert staff

As Urohealth Clinic, we work with proven doctors who are experts in their fields.


If an operation is required after the first examination, we have the ability to start the operation without losing time.

Fast communication

Communication has never been this easy. You can reach us by phone, via Whatsapp, or by e-mail.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee satisfaction to our patients.

Our Independent Patient Reviews

We pay great attention to patient comments and improve ourselves accordingly.

Yaşar A.

A very super team in the field of urology, God bless them, they saved my father from prostate and bladder cancer, my father did not have any problems, he helped us a lot during the treatment process.

Murat T.

A doctor who is an expert in her field, who examines in detail, and who wants detailed analysis and imaging.

Emre Y.

It is a clinic worthy of being the honor of the health system, which justifies Atatürk’s word “entrust me to my Turkish physicians”, which combined his superior professional knowledge with a conscientious heart and humanity.


Urohealth Clinic is a healthcare institution consisting of healthcare professionals who have adopted teamwork rather than a single physician working principle and aim to achieve perfection.

Getting to Our Office

By Public Transport; Our office, which is centrally located on the European side of Istanbul, is on the Metro, Metrobus and Bus routes.

With Your Vehicle; We also have parking and valet service for our patients who will come with their own vehicles.


Merkez, Kaptanpaşa Mahallesi Okmeydanı Kavşağı, Darülaceze Cd. No:14, 34384 Okmeydanı Şişli/İstanbul

+90 (534) 652 48 48