Shelase Laser Treatment

Developing laser technologies offer very special application opportunities for our female patients, as in every field. The most up-to-date and unique of these technologies is the YoulaserMT/Shelase laser device. This device is produced with a special technology that combines two different types of laser energy (CO2 and Erb:GaAs). The use of these two different laser energies causes patients to experience pain, restlessness, etc. It offers the opportunity to take action without complaints.

Shelase Laser, with the technological features of the lasers it contains;

Urinary incontinence (Stress urinary incontinence)
vaginal dryness
Chronic vaginal infections
It has taken its place as a unique treatment alternative in the treatment of complaints such as Besides;

vaginal tightening
Vaginal whitening
Vaginal rejuvenation
It also provides a unique treatment opportunity in the treatment of problems that are not perceived as a disease at first glance, but can have a serious psychological effect on sexual life.

Shelase laser is planned as 3 sessions. Sessions are repeated every 4-6 weeks. The procedures are performed in the gynecological examination position, vaginally, in approximately 5 minutes. Patients can be treated comfortably without feeling any pain, discomfort and discomfort during the procedure. After the procedure, there is no side effect that negatively affects daily life and it is not necessary to interrupt sexual life.

With a procedure time of about 5 minutes, it is both a practical procedure and offers treatment without affecting daily life.

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