Rezum Vapor Therapy for the Prostate

Complaints due to benign prostate enlargement are manifested by situations such as “frequent urination, difficulty in urination, inability to empty completely”. Patients with such complaints are generally treated with lifestyle changes, drug treatments and surgical methods as the last step. Many of these surgeries have their own risks and side effects, and various minimally invasive treatment alternatives are being developed to reduce these side effects and risks. Rezum Vapor Therapy is one of these surgical treatments and it has been used increasingly in recent years, and with the right patient selection, satisfactory results are obtained in the treatment.

The purpose of the resin is to deliver the sterile water vapor produced by a device through the urinary canal to the prostate tissue with an inserted instrument. This sterile water vapor applied to the prostate tissue gives a high amount of heat into the prostate, causing immediate damage to the prostate tissue and significantly reducing the prostate size. Thus, the patient’s complaints begin to decrease in a very short time. Many patients experience significant improvement in symptoms in the first two weeks. The maximum effect is achieved within 3 months.

The most important advantages of Rezum Vapor Therapy treatment are that it does not require anesthesia and does not cause erectile dysfunction. Retrograde ejaculation rates, which is called semen retraction during sexual intercourse, are very low compared to other surgical methods. Many patients can return to their daily activities on the same day after treatment. Again, compared to other treatments, the procedure time is a very short operation, and the procedure is completed in less than 20 minutes in most patients.

With all these features, “rezum vapor therapy” is an alternative method to drug therapy for patients who do not want to receive drug therapy, and to surgery for patients who do not want to undergo surgical treatment.

Please note that you should consult your experienced urologist about the issue whether your current situation is suitable for rezum vapor treatment. Because, only with the right patient and the right treatment selection, satisfactory results can be obtained in the treatment.

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