Urological Laser Surgery Center

We see that we are in a very rapid technological transformation in the field of urology, especially in recent years. In our clinical practices, we experience that new generation energy sources significantly change the comfort and results of our patients’ treatments.

Laser energy is obtained by transforming light beams into an energy source, and it has come to the fore as a very specific energy source when compared to other energy sources.

As Urohealth Clinic, we have tried to take special interest in laser energy systems since 2016 and to contribute to the medical science with many scientific studies on this subject. Seeing that laser energy is rapidly entering every field of surgery, we decided that it would be important to establish a specialized center for this subject, and we launched the “Urological Laser Surgery Center”, breaking new ground in our country.

This center aims to reveal specific and most comfortable treatments for patients by using laser energy in urological surgeries. The main surgeries performed with laser energy systems (Ho:YAG, TFL) in our center are;

Laser Prostate Enucleation Surgery (Benign prostate enlargement surgery)
Laser En-block Bladder Tumor Resection Surgery (Urinary bladder mass removal surgery)
Laser Internal Uretrotomy Surgery (Urinary canal stenosis opening surgery)
Laser Bladder Mucosal Graft Urethroplasty Surgery (Repair surgery by patching the urinary canal stenosis by obtaining the urinary bladder membrane with laser)
Laser Endoscopic Stone Surgery (Fracture surgery of urinary system stones)

can be counted as

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