After receiving his medical education at Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Military Medicine Faculty, he completed his urology residency at the same university. He worked as a urology specialist at Sarıkamış Military Hospital and Gülhane Military Medical Faculty Haydarpaşa Training and Research Hospital between 2010-2013 and 2013-2015, respectively. Then, between 2015 and 2022, he continued his academic career as an assistant professor and associate professor in the Urology Department of Gülhane Military Medical Faculty and Health Sciences University Gülhane Faculty of Medicine, Department of Urology. He is still working as a faculty member at Şişli KOLAN International Hospital and Istanbul Health and Technology University, Department of Urology. He has worked especially in the fields of endoscopic laser prostate surgeries, laparoscopic & robotic surgery, uro-oncology, and urological stone diseases. He still gives advanced training on these surgeries and performs surgeries. At the beginning of these surgeries; HoLEP, ThuFLEP prostate surgeries, En-bloc resection surgery of bladder masses with laser, laparoscopic and robotic cancer surgeries, testicular tumor surgeries, and advanced stone surgeries such as wiggly nephrolithotomy are coming.