About us

In fact, everything started with MILITARY MEDICINE, to which we gave our hearts, our love, our everything….

We have completed our education with the training, deontology and discipline of the Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA), namely the Military Medical School, and have served our army and our nation for years as a medical officer. From the evaluation of our patients to their treatment, we supported each other in every process and always tried to do the best for our patients.


Realizing that as of 2021, it is time to say goodbye to our Gülhane, which we love, we decided to embark on a new clinic and a new success story in Istanbul. That’s why we established the Urohealth Clinic for this purpose. We have come to do the best for you, our patients, and to introduce you to new technologies and offer different treatment options.


If you have a urological problem, there is the Urohealth Clinic…