Robotic Assisted Surgery

Robotic surgery, with a groundbreaking technology, has provided a more sensitive operation than traditional surgery and has taken its place in urology practice with this feature. With its features, it is an ideal method for complex urological surgeries such as cancer surgery and reconstructive urological surgery, which includes serious sensitivity and fine detail. Robotic surgery has many advantages, including a shorter recovery time and hospital stay, less pain, less blood loss, less risk of infection, and better cosmetics.

During the operation, the surgeon who will perform the operation sits next to the patient on a control console. An assistant surgeon is next to the patient. According to the procedure to be applied to the patient, the instruments of the robotic system (robotic arms) and a camera system are placed on the patient’s abdomen through small holes in the patient’s abdomen. The surgeon monitors the operating area with a video camera and performs the operation with these robotic arms that copy the movements made on the console. Since the video-camera system used during the surgery provides both magnified and 3D images, the surgeon can see the operating area better and perform sharper operations.

As Urohealth Clinic physicians, we perform many surgeries with the help of robotic system with our robotic surgery experience of more than 10 years. These surgeries include cancer surgeries such as “Radical Prostatectomy”, “Radical Cystectomy” and “Retroperitoneal lymph node Dissection” and reconstructive surgeries such as “Vesicovaginal Fistula”, “Sacrocolpopexy (uterine prolapse)”, “Pyeloplasty” and “Ureter surgeries”.

However, it should be noted that not every patient and not every disease is suitable for the robotic system. You should decide whether robotic surgery is suitable for you by talking to an experienced surgical team.

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