After completing his medical education at Gülhane Military Medical Academy Faculty of Medicine between 1998-2004, he completed his urology residency at the same university in 2007-2012. He worked as a specialist at Gulhane Military Medical Academy Urology Clinic in 2012-2016, and at Health Sciences University Gulhane Training and Research Hospital Urology Clinic between 2016-2018. He worked as a doctor lecturer between 2018-2019 and as an associate professor between 2019-2022 in the Department of Urology, Gulhane Faculty of Medicine, University of Health Sciences. He is still working as a faculty member at Şişli KOLAN International Hospital and Istanbul Health and Technology University, Department of Urology. He has worked especially in the fields of laser prostate surgery, laparoscopic & robotic surgery, uro-oncology, endourology and andrology. He still gives advanced training on these surgeries and performs surgeries. At the beginning of these surgeries; HoLEP, ThuFLEP prostate surgeries, En-bloc resection surgery of bladder masses with laser, robotic and laparoscopic urologic surgeries and andrologic surgeries.